Inheritance Law Inheritance Law
The Inheritance Law is a part of the  Greek Civil Law and is regulated in its fifth book in articles 1710 to 2035, it deals with the consequences arising from the death of a person. Specifically, it regulates the procedures of the total or partial succession of a person's property after his death, as well as the persons who have claims from it.

The members of the deceased's family can have rights over his inheritance, by a) intestate succession if the person had not drawn up a will or b) as legal share holders if the deceased had chosen a heir by excluding from his inheritance some of his/her family members. In this case, only a) the spouse, b) the descendants and c) the parents of the heir participate in the inheritance according to art. 1825 AK.

Within 4 months of a person's death, the heir has to take several necessary actions and decisions.

Our law firm has lawyers specialized in matters of inheritance law and offers customized solutions, both judicial and extrajudicial.

We deal with cases of revocation of wills, lawsuits of inherited property, trusts and legacies.

More specific:
  • The drawing up of a will, the publication of a will or the declaration of a will
  • Publication of wills
  • Issuance of inheritance certificates
  • Filing inheritance tax returns.
  • Disclaimer heritage
  • Permission to renounce inheritance for a child
  • Acceptance of inheritance with the benefit of inventory
  • Unsealing
  • Actions for the annulment of a will, actions for the distribution of inheritance, actions for infringement of the legal share
  • Proceedings of impeachment of uncharitable donation
  • Bequests, issuance of will publication certificates

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