Golden Visa golden visa
The Greek 5-year residence permit program for third-country nationals, starting in 2013, enables investors/property owners through the purchase of real estate worth 250,000 Euros or the investment between 3 to 100 million Euros in infrastructure projects or in Greek companies creating 150 new jobs, to obtain a permanent residence permit.

The investment that required under the Greek law is much lower than in other European countries, such as in Cyprus where a purchase of 300,000 Euros is required or in Spain a purchase of 500,000 Euros, ranking our country among the most privileged options.

Greek law does not require a minimum period of stay in the country to maintain the residence permit, unlike other European states such as Andorra, which requires a stay of 90 days a year.

Our office ensures the rapid issuance of the permanent permit so that the investor can move freely in all countries of the Schengen area.

At the same time they can obtain a residence permit:
- the spouse of the investor
- unmarried children up to the age of 21
- the other of the spouses or partners with whom the third country citizen has entered into a cohabitation agreement in Greece
- the unmarried children of the supporter or the other spouses or partners, as long as custody has been legally assigned to him/her for the children of the supporter and for the children of the other spouses or partners to him/her under the age of 21
- the direct ascendants of spouses or partners

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